Playoff Result from Wednesday, August 2

Just one game last night. Charlottesville has already cleared the South, so to speak, and they are waiting for Winchester and Strasburg to finish up the North semifinals.


Winchester 16, Strasburg 6 (The Royals scored 13 runs in the 5th inning, making the outcome rather obvious.)

Hitter of the Day

Dillon Reed Santa Fe 2017Our HOD is Winchester’s Dillon Reed, from Santa Fe CC, who went 3-5, with 2 runs, 4 RBIs, a walk, and a home run. Dillon hit 347/414/413 in 167 at-bats in the regular season, and is now 7-20 in the playoffs. Dillon will be attending Flagler this fall.

Others of Note (almost the whole Royal lineup)

Cody Wilson, Winchester: 4-6, run, RBI
Kenneth Gilmore, Winchester: 2-4, 2 runs, RBI, 2 BB
Lorenzo Hampton, Winchester: 1-3, 2 runs, RBI, 3 BB
Matt Allen, Winchester: 3-5, 2 runs, 3 RBIs, HR
Nick Goode, Winchester: 2-4, 2 runs, RBI, BB, HR
Seth Woodard, Winchester: 2-4, 2 runs, RBI, HBP
Sean Scales, Strasburg: 2-4, run, RBI, BB, HR
Jacob Hirsh, Strasburg: 2-4, RBI

Pitcher of the Day

Pretty obviously, our POD is Winchester’s Kyle Fulton, from Central Methodist. Kyle Kyle fulton Cent Methodist 2017threw 4 shutout innings against the Express while allowing 1 hit, 2 walks, and struck out 6. He earned a game score of 62. He went 2-2, 3.85, with 39 strikeouts in 37 1/3 innings pitched.

Tonight’s Game

Strasburg at Winchester (Winchester will try to finish off the Express to move on to the finals)


Results from Sunday June 18


Waynesboro 6, Front Royal 2
Charlottesville 19, Covington 4 (Whoa!)
Woodstock 4, Winchester 3
Staunton 7, Harrisonburg 3
New Market 9, Purcellville 6

Hitter of the Day

Joseph Bellini Kentucky 2017It’s Waynesboro’s Joseph Bellini, from Kentucky, who went 4-4, with a run, an RBI, and 2 doubles. He’s played just 3 games in the Valley so far, and he’s now 5-8.

Others of Note

Zach Evers, Waynesboro: 3-5, 2 runs, RBI, 2B, 3B, SB
Kyle Battle, Charlottesville: 2-5, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, BB, SF
Michael Wielansky, Charlottesville: 4-6, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, 2 2B, SB (When is Michael NOT on this list?)
Vinnie Pasquantino, Charlottesville: 3-3, 2 runs, 3 RBIs, BB, 2B, SF
Rick Spiers, Charlottesville: 2-7, 2 runs, 4 RBIs, HR
Cole Magliorini, Charlottesville: 2-4, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, 2 BB
Bryce Windham, Charlottesville: 1-3, 3 runs, RBI, 2 BB
Caleb Walls, Covington: 3-4, run, 2B
Sean Lawlor, Covington: 2-4, BB, 2B
Danton Hyman, Woodstock: 2-3, 2 BB, SB (Danton shows up here pretty often, too)
Payton Robertson, Staunton: 2-4, run, BB, 2 SB
Henry Kreienbaum, Staunton: 1-4, grand slam
Austin Embler, Harrisonburg: 2-4, RBI, BB
Trey McDyre, Purcellville: 3-5, 2 runs
Beaux Guilbeau, Purcellville: 2-4, 3 RBIs, BB, 2 2B
Jake Washer, New Market: 4-5, 3 runs, RBI
Jacob Rhinesmith, New Market: 2-4, 2 runs, RBI, BB, 2 2B
Pablo Cabrera, New Market: 3-4, RBI, 2B, SB

Pitcher of the Day

Kyle Fulton threw the best game last night. Pitching for Winchester and from Central Kyle Fulton C Methodist 2017Methodist, Kyle finished 6 shutout innings while allowing only 3 hits, 1 walk, and struck out 6. His game score is 71. He’s started 3 games this summer, and has a 3.52 ERA and 16 strikeouts in 15 1/3 innings pitched.

Others of Note

Ryan Ruggles, Front Royal: 6 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 7 K’s, loss (55)
Grant Hoover, Woodstock: 4 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, win
Daniel Rivero, Staunton: 6 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 8 K’s, win (57)
John Gregory, Harrisonburg: 4 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 7 K’s

Monday’s Games

Waynesboro at Purcellville
Woodstock at Strasburg
Front Royal at Covington
Charlottesville at Staunton