Minor League Record Book: ERA in a Season

Welcome to the last minor league record book category- best ERA in a season by a Valley League alumnus since the 2006 draft! I have set the minimum at 120 innings pitched, by the way.

1 Brad Mills Harrisonburg ’05 2008 1.95
2 Elih Villanueva Luray ’07 2010 2.26
3 Rowdy Hardy Staunton ’04 2007 2.48
Chad Kuhl New Market ’12 2015 2.48
5 Tyler Thornburg Winchester ’08 2011 2.57
6 Michael Bowman Staunton ’06 2009 2.60
7 Harrison Cooney Front Royal ’12 2014 2.65
8 Austin Gomber Luray ’12 2015 2.67
9 Cole McCurry New Market ’05 2009 2.71
10 Taylor Hill Winchester ’08 2014 2.81

Oddly enough, no one is on the list twice. The most recent add is Austin Gomber in 2015- in at #8.

Major leaguers: Brad Mills, Elih Villanueva, Chad Kuhl, Tyler Thornburg, Taylor Hill

Still in affiliated ball: Mills, Kuhl, Thornburg, Harrison Cooney (injured much of ’16), Gomber, and Hill

All we have left is the major league portion of the record book- starting soon!

Chad Kuhl in the majors in 2016
Chad Kuhl in the majors in 2016

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