League Record Book: Walks (for Hitters)

We’re almost through the hitter section in our Valley League record book (since 2004)- all we have left is walks and stolen bases!

First, the walks:

1 Jason Kipnis Covington 2007 49
2 Pat Irvine Waynesboro 2007 48
3 Mike Schwartz Harrisonburg 2009 43
Jay Gonzalez Harrisonburg 2011 43
Mike Marcinko Waynesboro 2014 43
6 Sanchez Gartman New Market 2009 42
Ryan Sullivan Covington 2012 42
8 Chris Aninos Waynesboro 2007 41
Nathan Minnich Winchester 2011 41
Jordan Tarsovich Strasburg 2013 41

Major Leaguer: Jason Kipnis (Walking 49 times in one VBL season?!?)

Current Minor Leaguers: Jay Gonzalez, Jordan Tarsovich

Former Minor Leaguers: Pat Irvine, Mike Schwartz, Nathan Minnich


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