Valley Leaguers in the Playoffs

On this day off from baseball, I thought we should take a quick look at the former Valley Leaguers who are heading to the playoffs now that the major league regular season is over.

Boston Red Sox: Brad Ziegler (New Market 2000), Robby Scott (Covington 2010), but I doubt Scott will be on the playoff roster.

Cleveland Indians: Jason Kipnis (Covington 2006-07)

Washington Nationals: Daniel Murphy (Luray 2004-05), Clint Robinson (Harrisonburg 2005-06)

New York Mets: Eric Campbell (Luray 2006), Josh Edgin (Winchester 2007) (But both will probably not be active in the playoffs)

Chicago Cubs: Tommy La Stella (Haymarket 2009)

Los Angeles Dodgers: Adam Liberatore (Waynesboro 2007-08)

San Francisco Giants: Mac Williamson (Harrisonburg 2011), but he’s on the 60-day disabled list, and Javier Lopez (New Market 1996).



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