Wilson Named Top Prospect

Jacob WilsonThe 9th alumnus to be honored with some ink is former Luray Wrangler Jacob Wilson (2009), a 10th round draft pick in 2012 of the St. Louis Cardinals! Jacob reached Triple-A Memphis is 2015 for 89 games, and has been sent back to the Redbirds for 2016. He has been named in three outlets:

Fangraphs named Jacob in its “Quick Hits” section under the list of 26:

2B/3B Jacob Wilson has nice raw power and some defensive versatility, being able to man second or third base at a just below-average level. His walk rates will really have to shine through to make up for the lack of adjustability and strike zone coverage at the plate, but his strengths could provide situational value to a big league bench.

MLB.com listed Jacob at #16 in the system:

Wilson, a senior sign out of Memphis who got $20,000 to sign in the 10th round of the 2012 Draft, has been making slow and steady progress up the Cardinals’ organizational ladder. He reached Triple-A for the first time in 2015 and is on the cusp of helping out in St. Louis.

While Wilson is never going to hit for a ton of batting average, he can do some valuable things with the bat. He has at least Major League average power from the right side of the plate. While he may not rack up hits, he also doesn’t strikeout an exorbitant amount, with a willingness to draw a walk on occasion. A below-average runner, Wilson plays adequate defense at second and third.

Because of his limitations defensively, he likely profiles better as a utility guy, though he can’t play shortstop. Wilson’s greatest value comes from that power, which allowed him to tie a career mark in homers with 18 in 2015. He could be an everyday guy if he shows he can run into pitches more consistently, but it’s more likely he provides a valuable right-handed bat off the bench.

John Sickels also listed Jacob as an “other of note,” but without an individual writeup.

Jacob is one of the players that I think will get to play in the majors this season. All it will take is an injury, probably. He looks like he can be an asset off the bench!


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