Minor League Record Book: Career Wins

Moving over to the pitcher side of things, we now have career wins in the minor leagues since the 2006 draft!

1 Elih Villanueva Luray ’07- 68

2 Brad Mills Harrisonburg ’05- 59

3 Brandon Dickson New Market ’06- 54

4 Mike Ballard Staunton ’04- 52

5 Scott Copeland Staunton ’07- 49

6 Rowdy Hardy Staunton ’04- 40

Cole McCurry New Market ’05- 40

8 Tobi Stoner Front Royal ’05 38

9 Taylor Hill Winchester ’08- 34

Tim Sexton Staunton ’06-07- 34

Greg Burke New Market ’03- 34

Pretty fascinating list here. Villanueva, Mills, Dickson, Copeland, Stoner, Hill, and Burke have all played in the major leagues. Dickson has been pitching in the Japanese leagues for the last couple years. Ballard, Hardy, McCurry, and Sexton are out of organized ball.


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