Minor League Record Book: Career Batting Average

This is the last career minor league list- but we still have the season records, of course. (They will have a different feel, without the same players on most of the lists.)

Top career batting averages, with a 3-season, 1,000 at-bat minimum:

1 Tommy La Stella Haymarket ’09 0.320

2 Tyler White Haymarket ’10 0.311

3 Clint Robinson Harrisonburg ’05-06 0.302

4 Jon Jay Staunton ’04 0.300

5 Dan Murphy Luray ’05 0.299

6 John Raynor New Market ’04 0.297

7 Tyler Kuhn Luray ’06-07 0.295

Joey Butler New Market ’06 0.295

9 Yonder Alonso Luray ’06 0.294

Cory Spangenberg Winchester ’10 0.294

This list is amazing. Fully EIGHT of these players have played in the major leagues- some of them for a long, long time (like Alonso, Jay, and Murphy). Others are going to play for several more years at least, we hope (La Stella, Robinson, Spangenberg, Butler).

One of the “other” two is Tyler White, who has crushed the ball in the Astros’ system. Barring injury, Mr. White will play in the majors pretty soon. Tyler Kuhn reached Triple-A, but was released. He killed Indy Ball in 2014 (he hit .360), but did not play in 2015.


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