League Record Book: Strikeouts

No new additions to this list, either, although it was a little bit closer than the innings pitched list…

1 Tim Gudex Harrisonburg 2004 89
2 Dustin Umberger Luray 2007 88
3 Cody Weiss Luray 2010 87
4 Drew Granier Harrisonburg 2010 84
5 Robert Gilliam Luray 2007 81
6 Jeff Dagenhart New Market 2004 79
Josh Eidell Woodstock 2007 79
8 Kevin Herget Strasburg 2012 77
9 Omar Aguilar Covington 2004 76
Sean Stidfole Winchester 2004 76

The newest name on this list is Kevin Herget, from the 2012 Express, who has gone on the strike out batters in pro ball pretty effectively, too.

The 2015 league leader is Steven Ridings, who finished the regular season with 60 K’s.

Gudex, Umberger, Weiss, Granier, Gilliam, Herget, Aguilar, and Stidfole have all pitched in pro ball. It looks like the correlation between pro ball and a Valley League statistic is stronger with strikeouts than innings pitched….



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