Four Quick Links

Just a couple quick links today:

  • This is a fun little interview with former Haymarket Senator Greg Nappo (2010). Greg was fantastic in ’10; he was one of the best pitchers in the Valley. Greg is slowly working his way up the Miami Marlins’ minor league system. He deserves a shot in the majors!
  • The major league Rule 5 Draft was held back on December 10th. I had high hopes that as many as four former Valley Leaguers might be drafted. Instead, only one was- Chad Oberacker (Fauquier 2009)- and he was taken in the Triple-A phase of the draft, which means that he doesn’t have to play in the majors next year. (The Diamondbacks snatched him from the Oakland A’s system.
  • Jon Jay (Staunton 2004) was traded from the Cardinals to the Padres. calls this an “uninteresting” trade, but it’s plenty interesting for Valley League fans. Jay goes to a spacious park (Petco) that might help his babip rate, and the Padres sent infielder Jedd Gyorko to the Cards, which will open more playing time for Cory Spangenberg (Winchester 2010)!
  • Trey Cochran-Gill (Harrisonburg 2012) has been traded from the Seattle Mariners to the Oakland A’s. The Mariners received Evan Scribner in the deal. Cochran-Gill was drafted in 2014, and reached Triple-A already in only his second year in the minors.

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