Top Playoff Hitters

Here at ATVL, we’re just about ready to start our post-season coverage- coverage that will start now and run until probably February.

We’ll cover the top hitters, starting pitchers, and relievers of the season… the top individual starts of the season…. the league record book… and also wrap up the minor leagues when the season ends in early September.

In other words, stay tuned!

Let’s start the coverage with the top ten hitters in this year’s Valley League playoffs!

10. Andrew Selby, from Woodstock and George Washington. Andrew went 4-12 in 3 games, with a slash line of 333/429/583. He scored 3 runs, drove in 2, and hit a double and triple.

9. Drew Small, from Front Royal and Butler. Drew hit 346/370/385 in 6 games and 26 at-bats. He scored 4 runs, had 3 RBIs, and a double. Weirdly, he didn’t either walk or strike out in those 6 games.

8. Jeremy Musser, Strasburg and Millersville. Musser hit 348/448/522 in 7 games. He hit 4 doubles, drove in 9 runs, and had a 5/4 BB/K ratio.

7. Trevor Rucker, Strasburg and Southern Arkansas. Rucker hit 348/483/522 in 23 at-bats and 7 games. (Both Rucker and Musser went 8-23.) He scored 9 runs, drove in 6, and hit a double and home run.

6. Kurtis Brown, Staunton and Richmond. Brown hit 367/412/367 in 9 games and 30 at-bats. He scored 3 runs and drove in 5.

5. Drew Avans, Strasburg and Southeastern Louisiana. Drew, a 2-way player for the Express, hit 382/462/471 in 34 at-bats. He scored 5 runs, drove in 2, hit 3 doubles, and walked 5 times.

4. Sebastian Diaz, Covington and Nova Southeastern. It might be weird that a player who only had 13 at-bats would finish in the top four, but check out what he did in those 3 games: 8-13, 7 runs, a double, 2 triples, 2 RBIs, 3/3 BB/K ratio, a whopping 615/688/1.000.

3. Dalton Rogers, Front Royal and West Georgia. Dalton hit 429/538/571 in 21 at-bats. He had 3 doubles, a run, an RBI, and 5 walks against 3 strikeouts.

2. Jeremy Taylor, Waynesboro and East Tennessee State. The only General on this list, Jeremy hit 435/458/522 in 6 games and 23 at-bats. He scored 7 runs, a triple, drove in 2 runs, walked once, and stole 5 bases.

And the #1 hitter in the playoffs is……

Jack Schaaf, from Staunton and Florida International! Jack hit 417/543/556 in 9 games and 36 at-bats, along with 7 runs, 2 doubles, a home run, 4 RBIs, 2 stolen bases, and 10 walks.

Congratulations to all ten players, and once again to the Strasburg Express, who not only placed 3 players on this list, but won their first Valley League championship!

Jack Schaaf, the #1 hitter in the Valley League playoffs!
Jack Schaaf, the #1 hitter in the Valley League playoffs!

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