Extra Playoff Games!

The Valley League has always been reluctant to either name a champion or eliminate a team from playoff contention by using tiebreakers. (Which I think is excellent, by the way.)

Therefore, there are three games scheduled for tonight- all to either name a champ or to eliminate a team. So, in essence, two of these games are playoff games!

1. The Harrisonburg Turks and Staunton Braves will play in Staunton  to decide the regular season champion in the South Division. The Braves have won 8 games in a row to catch the Turks at 29-13. These two teams have the best records in the league by a pretty wide margin.

2. The Charlottesville Tom Sox will travel to Covington to play for the right to play the winner of game #1 in the first round of the playoffs. Both teams are tied at 18-24.

3. The Woodstock River Bandits will head to Winchester to play for the right to play Front Royal, the North champs, in round 1. Both teams have 20-22 record. Winchester lost both games of their brutal doubleheader yesterday to fall into a tie with the Bandits.

What we know about the playoffs so far:


#1 Front Royal vs. #4 Woodstock OR #4 Winchester

#2 Strasburg vs. #3 Aldie


#1 Harrisonburg OR #1 Staunton vs. #4 Charlottesville OR #4 Covington

#2 Harrisonburg OR #2 Staunton vs. #3 Waynesboro (looking for a 3rd straight title)


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