Playoff Update- 2 Games Left!

Ok, folks. Everything is coming to a head this summer. (I’m feeling overwhelmed. Can you tell?) The regular season is down to two nights left- Friday night and Saturday night. I, however, will be travelling from Saturday late afternoon until Sunday noon or so (East Coast time). So that means tonight’s games will be covered tomorrow morning (or late tonight), but the final playoff picture will not be posted until later on Sunday (from Kenya). Does any of this make sense?

Let’s get to the good stuff!

South Division

1. Harrisonburg: 29-11, 2 games remaining: @Waynesboro, Staunton. The Turks have clinched the regular season championship! They are the #1 seed in the South.

2. Staunton: 26-13, 2 games remaining: New Market, @Harrisonburg. The Braves have clinched the #2 spot in the South.

3. Waynesboro: 20-20, 2 games remaining: Harrisonburg, Charlottesville. The Generals have clinched the #3 seed! (Seeing a theme here? Last night’s games really cleared some things up… in this division, anyway)

4. Charlottesville: 17-22, 2 games remaining: @Covington, @Waynesboro. Tom Sox are still one full game ahead of Lumberjacks. If the Sox win their head-to-head game tonight, they will clinch the 4th seed. If Covington wins, the two teams will be tied headed into the final game. HOWEVER, Covington, with a win tonight, would win the season series against the Tom Sox (4-2), which means that Covington can win the last spot if they win out. (Unless there is a special tiebreaker for the last playoff spot- like a head-to-head game.)

5. Covington: 16-23, 2 games remaining: Charlottesville, @New Market. See the Tom Sox’s explanation.

6. New Market: 15-25, 2 games left: @Staunton, Covington. The Rebels are eliminated from the playoff race.

North Divison (This is a jumble!)

T1. Aldie: 21-19 (.525), 2 games left: @Winchester, Woodstock. Tied for first (as you can see). Aldie and Front Royal are also 3-3 against each other, so that doesn’t change anything either. I’m waiting to hear about the next tie breaker in case these two teams finish with identical records!

T1. Front Royal: 21-19 (.525), 2 games left: @Strasburg, @Charles Town. See Aldie’s write up.

3. Strasburg: 20-19 (.513), 2 games left: Front Royal, @Winchester. So the Express are a measly half game behind both Aldie and Front Royal. As you c an see, they play Front Royal tonight, so a win coupled with an Aldie loss would put the Express alone in first place. A loss tonight coupled with an Aldie win would leave Strasburg, at best, in third place.

4. Winchester: 18-20 (.474), 2 games left: Aldie, Strasburg. Huge win last night for the Royals, as they leapfrogged Woodstock into the last playoff spot. Those last two games look rather daunting, but with 2 wins, the Royals would have a shot at 3rd place (if Strasburg lost both remaining games).

5. Woodstock: 18-22 (.450), 2 games left: Charles Town, @Aldie. Bad loss last night. The River Bandits need to win both games while the Royals either split or lose both their games to get back into the playoffs. One Royal win plus Woodstock loss puts the Bandits out.

6. Charles Town: 16-24, 2 games left: @Woodstock, Front Royal. The Cannons are eliminated from playoff contention.


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