Updated Playoff Push

Let’s take a look at playoff scenarios for each Valley League team!

South Division

1. Harrisonburg: 28-11, 3 games remaining: @Charlottesville, @Waynesboro, Staunton. The Turks have clinched a top two seed in the South, and will clinch a regular season championship with one more win, or one Staunton loss.

2. Staunton: 25-13, 3 games remaining: Covington, New Market, @Harrisonburg. The Braves have clinched a top two seed in the South. With one Harrisonburg win or Staunton loss, they will be locked into #2.

3. Waynesboro: 19-20, 3 games remaining: New Market, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville. Three home games left. The Generals are 1.5 games ahead of the Tom Sox for the 3rd seed. A win and a Tom Sox loss will clinch the spot.

4. Charlottesville: 17-21, 3 games remaining: Harrisonburg, @Covington, @Waynesboro. Tom Sox are one full game ahead of Lumberjacks (although they play Friday).

5. Covington: 16-22, 3 games remaining: @Staunton, Charlottesville, @New Market. One full game behind Tom Sox for the last playoff spot.

6. New Market: 15-24, 3 games left: @Waynesboro, @Staunton, Covington. The Rebs are 2.5 games behind the Tom Sox for the last playoff spot in the South. One Tom Sox win will eliminate New Market.

North Divison (This is a jumble!)

1. Aldie: 20-18 (.526), 4 games left: @Strasburg doubleheader, @Winchester, Woodstock. Huge, huge doubleheader today in the North. The Senators are half a game ahead of the Express, so, obviously, Aldie controls its own fate.

2. Strasburg: 19-18 (.513), 4 games left: Aldie doubleheader, Front Royal, @Winchester. All four games left are against teams in the hunt (like Aldie). Things may be much clearer after the doubleheader tonight.

3. Front Royal: 20-19 (.513), 3 games left: Woodstock, @Strasburg, @Charles Town. Big win last night, finally breaking a long losing streak. The Cards, since the last update, fell from 1st to 3rd in the North. However, they are still only a half game behind Aldie, so they could easily still win the regular season championship. (They are in a virtual tie with Strasburg, but are behind by only a single percentage point)

4. Woodstock: 18-21 (.462), 3 games left: @Front Royal, Charles Town, @Aldie. The ‘Stock jumped from 6th to 4th since our last update.  The Bandits are 2 games behind the mess above them, but are percentage points ahead of the Royals. They make the playoffs if they keep winning!

5. Winchester: 17-20 (.459), 3 games left: @Charles Town, Aldie, Strasburg. The Royals are basically in the same position as Woodstock. Two games behind 3rd place, just barely out of 4th place- by only 3 percentage points.

6. Charles Town: 16-23, 3 games left: Winchester, @Woodstock, Front Royal. Well, the Cannons still technically have a shot at 4th place, especially with a game left against each of Woodstock and Winchester. They have to win all three games, along with a collapse from both Woodstock and Winchester to get in.



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