Your One-Stop Media Guide for the Valley League

I’ve been meaning to post about this for quite some time. Each Valley League team, plus the League itself, has a social media presence.

Here, Valley League fans, is your one-stop guide for connecting with your favorite team, either on Facebook or twitter, or both! (The first link is Facebook; the second is twitter)

All Things Valley League: All Things Valley League, @JohnATVL

The Valley League: Valley Baseball League, @VBL Baseball

Aldie Senators: Aldie Senators, @NatorsNation

Charles Town Cannons: Charles Town Cannons, @VBL_Cannons

Charlottesville Tom Sox: Charlottesville Tom Sox, @CVilleTomSoxVBL

Covington Lumberjacks: Covington Lumberjacks, @Lumberjacks2001

Front Royal Cardinals: Front Royal Cardinals, @Frontroyalcards

Harrisonburg Turks: Harrisonburg Turks Baseball, @HbgTurksVBL

New Market Rebels: New Market Generals Baseball, @NMRebelsVBL

Staunton Braves: Staunton Braves Baseball, @StauntonBraves (The Braves’ twitter account is pretty active)

Strasburg Express: Strasburg Express, @22657Express

Waynesboro Generals: Waynesboro Generals, @wborogenerals

Winchester Royals: Winchester Royals, @WincRoyals

Woodstock River Bandits: Woodstock River Bandits, @VBLRiverBandits

Other Twitter Accounts Worth Following

@CB_Daily (College Baseball Daily)

@NCAACWS (NCAA baseball)

@d1baseball (self explanatory)

@mlananna (writer for Baseball America)

@BenLindbergh (writer for Grantland)

@SamMillerBP (Writer for Baseball Prospectus)

@TurksPAVoice (Curt Dudley’s account- lots of JMU and Turks info!)

@ChristinaKahrl (ESPN baseball writer)

@Dschoenfield (ESPN baseball writer)

@jcrasnick (ESPN baseball writer)

@robneyer (Baseball writer)

@Jonahkeri (Grantland baseball writer)

@MiLB (Minor League baseball)

@baseballpro (Baseball Prospectus)

@Ken_Rosenthal (Foxsports writer)

@joe_sheehan (Sports Illustrated writer)

@craigcalcaterra (Hardball Times writer)

@jaysonst (Jayson Stark, ESPN writer)



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