Valley League News

VBL logoThe Valley League website, found here, just gets better and better. On that note, two articles of specific interest should be mentioned here:

  1. Back on March 15th, the website published a list of all the Valley League teams’ coaching staffs. It’s a treasure trove of information about each staff. For example, did you know that Bob Wease has been the head coach of the Turks for 14 years, and general manager for 25? Did you know that Donn Foltz has been a part of the Woodstock River Bandit coaching staff since the Bandits joined the Valley League in 2004? How about Stu Richardson? The former owner of the Woodstock franchise, and head coach of the New Market Rebels, will be head coach in Winchester for a second year this summer.
  2. In April, the league announced that a Valley League Hall of Fame would be established in the very near future. The committee participants are Don Lemish, Bruce Alger, Bob Wease, Jim Phillips, Donna Settle, Boyd Snyder, Curt Dudley, Scott Musa, and John Leonard. If any of my brilliant readers have nominations, they may contact me via the comments below or a Facebook message.

The other thing that has been posted on the website is season previews for the teams. These articles are a great way to get a feel for your favorite VBL team before the season starts on FRIDAY!


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