Wilson Named Top St. Louis Prospect

Jacob Wilson SpringfieldOur latest Valley League alumnus who has been named to a top prospect list is Jacob Wilson (Luray 2009), who was named the Cardinals’ #14 prospect by mlb.com.

Jacob was a 10th round draft pick in 2012 out of the University of Memphis, where he hit 301/391/489 in four seasons. He’s hit quite well in his three seasons of pro ball, putting up a slash line of 263/342/435 in 898 at-bats. He was assigned to Double-A Springfield in 2015, and has hit 167/286/389 in the tiny sample size of 18 at-bats.

This is what mlb.com had to say about Jacob:

Few teams can match the Cardinals’ recent track record of unearthing talent in the later rounds of the Draft. Yet another example is Wilson, a $20,000 senior sign in the 10th round in 2012. He came out of Memphis and is similar to the best player that program ever has produced, Dan Uggla.

Wilson has more bat speed and strength than a typical middle infielder, giving him at least average power. While he expands his strike zone on occasion, he doesn’t swing and miss excessively and should hit for some average as well. With a little more discipline, he could be a .260 hitter with 15-18 homers per season.

A third baseman in college, Wilson has played primarily second base as a pro. He has soft hands and good actions up the middle, and enough arm to play the hot corner when needed. A left knee injury ended his 2014 regular season in June, but he returned with a strong showing in the Arizona Fall League.

Hopefully Jacob will make his major league debut before too long!


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