Minor League Record Book: Career Strikeouts

Ah, the feeling I used to get when I struck out a batter. Especially with the bases empty- I could take a little stroll behind the mound, feeling good about myself, as the infielders whipped the ball around.

Well, it’s time to take a look at career minor league strikeouts by Valley League alumni, since the 2006 draft. Here’s the list:

1 Brad Mills Harrisonburg ’05 731
2 Brandon Dickson New Market ’06 663
3 Mike Ballard Staunton ’04 642
4 Elih Villanueva Luray ’07 613
5 Cole McCurry New Market ’05 605
6 Tim Sexton Staunton ’06-07 555
7 Greg Burke New Market ’03 539
8 Tobi Stoner Front Royal ’05 518
9 Drew Granier Harrisonburg ’09-10 483
10 Rob Delaney New Market ’03 473

Brad Mills dominates this one with his nasty curveball. Mills, Brandon Dickson, Elih Villanueva, Greg Burke, Tobi Stoner, and Rob Delaney have all pitched in the major leagues. Ballard and McCurry are out of affiliated ball, while Sexton and Granier are still toiling in the minors waiting for a chance. Granier just jumped onto this list, and may, with a normal Drew Granier season in 2015, fly up the list.

One more minor league pitching list!


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