Brown Throws 8 Innings of Relief!

Tyler Brown WingateSometimes relief pitchers pitch an entire game’s worth of innings, even though they may have come into the game late.

That’s what happened to former Harrisonburg Turk Tyler Brown (2014) last night, as he entered the game for Wingate after the 9th inning, with the score tied at 14 with Concord. (Brown is ATVL’s 6th best reliever from the 2014 season.)

All Brown went on to do is pitch 8 innings, allowing only 2 hits, 2 unearned runs, no walks, and striking out 6 to notch a well-deserved win. The 2 unearned runs were scored in the 16th inning, but Wingate answered with 2 of their own in the bottom of the inning, and then scored once in the bottom of the 17th inning to win the game.

On the year so far, Brown is now 5-3, 3.75, with 27 hits, 11 walks, and 26 strikeouts in 36 innings pitched.

As a side note, Thomas Spitz (Harrisonburg 2013-14) went 2-9 with 6 RBIs in the game. He hit a huge grand slam in the 8th inning that helped propel this one to a total of 17 innings.



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