Minor League Record Book: Career Wins

We’ve finished the record book for minor league pitchers in individual seasons, but we still have career totals to cover- so, today, we have career wins. Many of the same suspects, but some new names as well.

1 Elih Villanueva Luray ’07 56
2 Brandon Dickson New Market ’06 54
Brad Mills Harrisonburg ’05 54
4 Mike Ballard Staunton ’04 52
5 Rowdy Hardy Staunton ’04 40
Cole McCurry New Market ’05 40
7 Tobi Stoner Front Royal ’05 38
8 Scott Copeland Staunton ’07 35
9 Tim Sexton Staunton ’06-07 34
10 Ben Alsup Lur, Stan ’09-10 33
Drew Granier Harrisonburg ’09-10 33

Villanueva, Dickson, Mills, and Stoner have all pitched in the major leagues (Villanueva for just one start, against the Phillies, back when the Phils were actually good).

Ballard, Hardy, and McCurry are all out of affiliated ball. (Villanueva is still a free agent, so we’ll see…)

Copeland, Sexton, Alsup, and Granier haven’t made it yet, but are still pitching. Copeland’s been released once, and Sexton at least twice, but they’re hanging in there.

Alsup has had an interesting go of it with wins- he won 14 games in 2012 and 13 in 2013, but only won 3 games in 28 starts in 2014.

This list has grown enough that it takes several full years in the minors to get close, so don’t expect any 2014 or 2015 draftees for quite a while!


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