League Record Book: Stolen Bases

And now the speedsters!

SB Att
1 Bobby Rauh Winchester 2009 37 41
2 Drew Martinez Luray 2009 36 37
3 Lammar Guy Covington 2009 35 44
4 Rico Noel Covington 2008 33 38
5 Brady Wilson Winchester 2011 32 34
Jay Gonzalez Harrisonburg 2011 32 38
7 Shane Justis Staunton 2004 31 33
Andy Perez Harrisonburg 2013 31 38
Justin Harris Charles Town 2014 31 37
Nick Sinay Front Royal 2014 31 40

Finally, a list with some different names!

Two 2014 players grabbed onto the end of this list- Nick Sinay and Justin Harris.

Bobby Rauh, Drew Martinez, and Shane Justis all played affiliated ball, but don’t any more (Rauh has coached in the Valley League, by the way). Rico Noel reached Triple-A in 2014, and Jay Gonzalez’s career is just getting started.

Guy and Wilson have not played affiliated ball. Andy Perez is the last name- he’s still at Duke.

That’s it for the hitters! We’ll next move to the league record book for the pitchers.


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