League Record Book: Total Bases

A total of five of these entries come from a single season….

1 Jimmy Yezzo Winchester 2012 148
2 Joseph Odom Winchester 2012 139
3 Jon Love Front Royal 2004 125
Tyler Kuhn Luray 2006 125
5 Steve McQuail Front Royal 2009 119
Bradley Picha Winchester 2012 119
7 Jonathan Griffin Luray 2010 117
8 Collin Cowgill Covington 2005 116
9 Leo Rojas Winchester 2012 115
10 Julian Ridings Waynesboro 2012 113

2012 was quite the season, eh? The summer of the juiced baseballs, Yezzo, Odom, Picha, Rojas, and Ridings all found their way onto this list (and 4 of them were from Winchester!).

Yezzo, Odom, McQuail, Griffin, and Ridings are current minor leaguers. Kuhn was, but played in the Indy Leagues in 2014. Love, Picha, and Rojas have not. Cowgill is the lone major leaguer!


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