Free Agent Signees, Post Draft

Last June, 37 former Valley League players were drafted by major league teams. (And for the first time ever, every single draftee signed!)

But the draft isn’t the only way to add talent and players into a system- many, many players are signed as free agents after the draft, too.

So as you might expect, brilliant reader, I scour the lists of transactions to find any VBLers that have been signed after the draft. So far, I’ve discovered 6. They are:

Name, college, VL team and year, major league team

1. Kevin Alexander, Florida Atlantic, Staunton (2010), St. Louis Cardinals
2. Matt Ford, Hofstra, New Market (2011-12), Tampa Bay Rays
3. Dillon Ortman, Auburn, Harrisonburg (2012), Los Angeles Angels
4. Wesley Cox, Texas-San Antonio, Front Royal (2013), Milwaukee Brewers
5. Blake Austin, Auburn, Harrisonburg (2011), Atlanta Braves
6. Billy Fleming, West Virginia, Front Royal (2012), New York Yankees

This puts the total number of former VBLers in pro ball from the 2014 draft onward at 43! Congrats to all 6- now go start the climb!


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