Info From the Last Day, and Playoffs!

Well. The regular season went out with a whimper instead of a bang. Four games were scheduled for the day, with only the #7 through #9 seeds up for grabs. However, only an inning and a half was played the entire day.

A little after two in the afternoon, Aldie squared off against Winchester to finish their suspended game from the night before. It was a crucial couple innings; if Winchester won the game, and then also beat Covington in the evening, the Royals could slip into the playoffs.

Well, it was not to be. Aldie went nuts in the top of the 9th inning, scoring 7 times with two outs. The Royals’ pitching walked 6 batters and hit one, and the big blow was a grand slam hit by Tremayne Toorie- right into the teeth of a stiff wind. Aldie took care of business quickly.

Charles Town and Front Royal cancelled early, and Waynesboro and Woodstock joined the cancellation party, so after Aldie finished off Winchester, 17-12 (a football score!), the only game left was Covington at Winchester. If Covington won, they would retain the #7 seed. If the Jacks lost, Aldie would be #7, and the Jacks #8.

At some point after I went to bed, Covington, according to the league website, forfeited the game, accepting the #8 seed in the process. This is an interesting choice, as the Jacks now play the #1 seed, Harrisonburg, instead of the #2 seed, Waynesboro. Perhaps the team decided that the rest was more important than the seeding. I do know that the Winchester announcer made a comment about how a couple teams feel that “it would be great to play, and beat, the Harrisonburg Turks.”

Anyway. Here is how things shape up for tonight, game one of the quarterfinals. At this point no starting pitchers have been named.

Covington at Harrisonburg

Aldie at Waynesboro

Charles Town at Staunton

Strasburg at Front Royal

All games are scheduled for 7:30 PM.


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