The Last Playoff Update

Here we go- the last playoff update, since the playoffs start tomorrow!

1. Harrisonburg Turks: 29-13, FIRST PLACE.

2. Waynesboro Generals: 27-16, 1 game left: at Wood. The Generals hold the tie-breaker against Front Royal, so even with a loss tonight, the Generals HAVE CLINCHED SECOND PLACE.

3. Front Royal Cardinals: 26-17, 1 games left: CT. Even with a loss tonight, the Cardinals HAVE CLINCHED THIRD PLACE.

T3. Staunton Braves: 25-18, no games left- FOURTH PLACE.

5. Charles Town Cannons: 23-19, 1 game left: at FR. The Cannons finish in 5th PLACE.

6. Strasburg Express: 21-22, No games left. 6TH PLACE.

7. Covington Lumberjacks: 18-23, 1 game left: at Winc. A combination of a Covington win OR Aldie loss tonight clinches 7th place for the Jacks. An Aldie win AND a Covington loss will put Aldie in 7th, and Covington in 8th.

8. Aldie Senators: 18-25, 1 game left: suspended game at Winc. With a win, they clinch at least 8th (with a Covington loss along with the win, they clinch 7th). IF ALDIE LOSES, AND WINCHESTER WINS BOTH OF THEIR GAMES, Winchester and Aldie will be tied at 18-26. Winchester holds the tiebreaker against Aldie right now, so Winchester will be the 8th seed, and Aldie will be eliminated. DANGER FOR ALDIE- if they lose the suspended game against Winchester in the afternoon, this clinches 7th for Covington, and the Jacks will have little to play for in the evening against Winchester, which MAY make it easier for the Royals to win a second game, and knock out the Senators. So, Aldie really needs to take care of business in the suspended game to ensure a spot in the playoffs!

9. Winchester Royals: 16-26, 2 games left: suspended game with Aldie, Cov. See note under Aldie. Basically, if Winchester wins out, they will make the playoffs as the #8 seed.

10. Woodstock RiverBandits: 15-26, 1 game left: Waynes. The RiverBandits are eliminated.

11. New Market Rebels: 15-27, 1 game left: Waynes. Eliminated from contention.

Playoffs would look like this if the season ended today:

8 Aldie vs. 1 Harrisonburg

7 Covington vs. 2 Waynesboro

6 Strasburg vs. 3 Front Royal

5 Charles Town vs. 4 Staunton

Out: New Market, Winchester and Woodstock


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