A Look at the Draft

The MLB draft is what most Valley League players are aiming towards. When college players hit their first year of eligibility for the draft, I would imagine that almost all of them wish to be drafted to have a shot at the next level of baseball. (Getting a foot in the door can be the hardest part, sometimes.)

The first two rounds, plus two “competitive balance” rounds, took place yesterday, with rounds 3-10 to be held today, and 11-40 on Saturday.

As you would assume, brilliant reader, I watch the draft closely to get a complete list of all former (and current, sometimes) Valley Leaguers who are selected by major league teams. Roughly, on average over the past 8 drafts, one VBLer has been taken for each round held (which used to be 50 before last year- now it’s 40).

No Valley Leaguers were taken yesterday, but as I was perusing a pre-draft list, seven potential draftees were listed by Matt Garrioch, a prospect guy over on minorleagueball.com. He listed the top 350 picks in his estimation, with these seven from the VL (as he listed them):

133. Dale Carey (Luray 2011), Miami

150. Julius Gaines (Waynesboro 2013), Florida International

153. Garrett Boulware (New Market 2012), Clemson

210. Christian Diaz (Staunton 2012). Miami

237. Javier Salas (Luray 2011), Miami

324. Connor Lynch (Harrisonburg 2013), Georgia Tech

340. Max Povse (Staunton 2013), UNC Greensboro

According to Garrioch, these seven should be drafted in the top ten rounds (more or less).

So we’ll see today if his thoughts come true. Stay tuned!


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