Mills New Career Strikeout Leader (Since 2006)

Brad Mills NashvilleAs most of my brilliant readers know, I’ve been keeping track of drafted players, along with their statistics, since the 2006 draft. My record book does not cover every player who ever played in the Valley, unfortunately, but it’s the best I can do under the circumstances.

Two starts ago, on May 19th, Brad Mills (Harrisonburg 2005) struck out 6 batters, giving him 37 for the season and 665 for his minor league career.

More importantly, this meant that he had two more than Brandon Dickson (New Market 2006), who went to Japan (a look at Brandon before too long) as the record holder for strikeouts in a minor league career (since the 2006 draft).

Brad struck out 7 more batters in his last start, running his record to 672.

There are three other active pitchers on the list: Elih Villanueva (Luray 2007), who is in 5th place with 548, Tim Sexton (Staunton 2006-07) is in 6th place with 530, and Rob Gilliam, who is in 10th place with 472 (but needs only 4 more strikeouts to move all the way to 8th place).

Congrats, Brad!


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