Brad showing his submarine pitching motion
Brad showing his submarine pitching motion

No, I’m not talking about a losing Seattle Mariners season. Definitely not the Lumineer’s third track on their awesome self-titled album.

I’m talking about former New Market Rebel Brad Ziegler (2000). (Brad pitched in the Valley 14 YEARS ago?!?)’s baseball correspondent Rany Jazayerli published a fascinating article yesterday about pitchers in the major leagues who throw with an arm slot lower than halfway- or what is called “submarine style.” He notes that every submariner in the majors, over the whole history of baseball, has been an effective pitcher. (Sure, this falls under selection bias, but keep reading, ok?) Kent Tekulve. Dan Quisenberry. Mike Myers.

And last and most certainly not least, there’s the aforementioned Brad Ziegler.

Did you know that Brad Ziegler, by some metrics, is one of the best relievers OF ALL TIME? And yet, Brad makes no headlines, and certainly doesn’t make the money that, say, Jonathan Papelbon makes. Brad wasn’t even drafted until the 20th round of the 2003 draft! He was released almost immediately by (gulp) my Phillies. But here he is, the main story in a Grantland piece.

Well, I won’t steal any more of Rany had to say, but if you are a fan of fun baseball stories, along with a fan of the Valley League, you have to go read this article. Rany covers the idea of submariners, while telling Brad’s story along the way.

And then go listen to that third track- I think you’ll like that, too.


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